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Buy Tickets Now!

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Hours of Operation:

Ticket sales start at 6:30 and end at 9:30 for “Zombie Expedition” and 10:00 for The Dark Side Haunted Adventure.

The Dark Side Haunted Adventure and “Zombie Expedition” start at 7pm and we run until all guests have completed the Adventure.



$30 for the entire Haunted Adventure which includes ALL 7 HAUNTS

+$10 Terror Treatment You can only buy this enhanced haunt experience for someone else in your group and only online prior to your visit to our haunt.

$15 Zombie Expedition Paintball (150 paint balls)

$5   Additional Ammo (75 paint balls)

$40 Combo Ticket Includes: Zombie Expedition paintball (75 paint balls) and A FastPass to the Haunted Adventure.



*Group rates start with as few as 8 people!
Haunted Adventure only – Must be purchased at the box office. 

Combo ticket

8 to 11 people                   $21 per person                                 $31 per person

12 to 19 people                 $18 per person                                 $28 per person

20 + people                        $15 per person                                 $25 per person

*Group rates only apply if one person pays for the entire group.


$25  Early Arrival Discount 7:00 to 8:00pm Arrival (online only)

$25 Early Season Discount Sept. 29,30 Oct 6,7[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]